I just had a prenatal massage at 41 weeks with Madison. It was heavenly! She touched all the points for pregnant induction massage. I much needed a relaxing time for myself. The place is located within a fancy hotel and the prenatal massage room had the table specialized with a cut out whole for the tummy and breasts to lay down flat. I’d love to have to another one.
— Tatyana M
This is my favorite massage spot in the bay area. After trying a few places this has to be the best. I’ve been coming here for almost 4 years. I moved out of the area to east bay but plan to make the drive for the massage here. It’s that good. Especially for the pregnant mamas out there, this is the place! Other places I’ve tried prenatal/regular massages they have tables you would climb on versus at Verde touch you’re on the floor in a comfortable bed. Prenatal massages was the best! They have special beds just for pregnant women so you can lay on your belly and your breasts aren’t pressing against the bed.
— Phoua Y.
Not only does Verde Touch offer a nice range of options with the unique experience that each therapist offers, but THE best part is the genuine presence and care that each therapist gives in every massage.

In the 2 years I’ve been a dedicated customer, and have tried out every therapists’ work, I never had the feeling that my massage was rushed because of someone behind me or before me. Every moment was very connected, and intentional in addressing problem areas, and promoting overall relaxation. Every therapist has their own special energy, and the nice range of professional personalities provides exceptional overall service. It’s really nice when the therapists sits with you after your massage while you drink a cool glass of water with a slice of lemon, before you head out the door back into the real world again.

Congratulations to David and his team for upholding such high integrity, and taking such good care of their customers!
— C. V.
I’ve been here a few times now and have seen a few different therapists, including the owner, David. They all are well trained and have many years of experience. The massage is one of the best I’ve had.

Price - On par with Los Gatos.

Spa - You get the full spa experience, there is a nap room, locker room complete with sauna, steam room, robes, lockers, showers, etc. You also get full access to the pool and jacuzzi as a spa guest.

Atmosphere - It’s such a calm, zen atmosphere with almost no noise.

Massage - Amazing. Simply amazing. It is well worth it. Especially if you are looking for a great prenatal or postpartum massage. They have a special table with the belly cut out so you can lay on your stomach while pregnant.
— Jen M.
Ahhh, I love this place!! I had a wonderful 75 min prenatal massage with Revital at 34 Weeks. She provided just the right amount of tender relief for my achy, tired body and just the right amount of relaxation for the perfectly yummy prenatal pampering session. She also gave me a nice large complimentary jar of coco butter infused w lemon that she said she had used on me during the massage. Highly recommend her. They use a special table with cut outs for your belly and breasts, and I was super comfortable even during this late stage in my pregnancy.
— Amy
Amazing experience! We were able to make appts the night before through David - who was able to accommodate all of us and was kind enough to send us directions/info via text. Revital and Shannon were extremely kind and their massages were amazing. Thank you!!!
— Selena Y.
Holy cow, this place is AH-MA-ZING. I’m a Certified Nurse-Midwife and one of my patients essentially demanded that I see David for a prenatal massage... I’ve now seen him twice in two weeks! As previous reviewers have mentioned, the ability to lie on your stomach for a prenatal massage (even at 37 weeks + 3 days, in my case) is pure magic, and there’s just something wonderfully different about the massage technique here (although I can only attest to David’s incredible skill). I’ve experienced an instant reduction in low back and hip pain, in addition to feeling more relaxed than I ever thought possible in full-term pregnancy. Pretty sure I’ll continue to splurge and indulge in a weekly prenatal massage until this baby makes its debut...
— Anne T.
This was my second time going to see Saundra. She is AMAZING. I have been experiencing sciatica pain while pregnant and all of my pain has been alleviated since going to see her this last time. She is very kind and attentive to my needs. She told me that she got into the business because she wanted to help people and it shows in her effort. I highly recommend requesting Saundra as she knows what she’s doing!
— M. A.
Theresa gave a wonderful massage yesterday. She was very responsive to my requests (for example, I asked for lighter pressure) and she was very attuned to how my body was and able to provide just what I needed - a very talented therapist.
— L. F.
Zander has a warm presence and calming voice, and seemed to know exactly how much pressure to apply, and where. I left feeling totally relaxed and my back pain was history – very therapeutic! For someone like me who doesn’t love to be touched, massages are like exposure therapy, and he made me feel very comfortable.
— Tracy R.
I am 33 weeks preggo and my massage by Noelle was hands-down the best massage I’ve had (pregnant or not) ever. Having the option to lie on my stomach was magical, and the pressure was perfect. I get massages often - I’ve had four since I’ve been pregnant and most of them felt like they were just rubbing body oil on me...this one felt like a legit massage, and the temperature, the music - everything was perfect. One of my pet peeves is when the masseuse talks during the massage, and Noelle was very mindful and only checked in with me on pressure, and when things hurt, she explained why. I am excited to go back two or three more times before the baby arrives.
— Susan M.
Had my first prenatal massage with Adeline and it was amazing. She still used a good amount of pressure and really worked out the knots in my shoulders and neck, even showed me some stretches to help. The bed is really comfortable with the hole for the tummy and boobs and she even put a pillow around my pelvis to really make sure I’m comfortable. When you are on your back, Adeline had a ramp and lots of pillows to make sure I was sitting up and comfortable. It was such a great massage that I joined the wellness membership right after. I’ll be coming back to get massages regularly!
— J. C.
Saw Rose. Not to be weird but for such a petite person she must have finger strength like ten times mine and it was surprising and glorious. She was very gentle though. I liked the oil they use. I didn’t feel like she rushed or skimped at all.
— Alex M.
If you’re feeling broken, busted, achy, tired, troubled, distracted and/or stressed, get thee to Verde Touch, stat. You will receive the most caring, giving, massage that will realign your body and your mind. The Verde Touch team is exceptionally gifted. Calm and patient, they will find every kink and knot and melt it away. You will leave with a wonderful sense of well being, like you radiate light. Ask for Nadya.
— Mary T.
I had an amazing prenatal massage with Heidi today! She covered everything - back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, feet, etc. and I felt so relaxed afterward. She made sure to check in with me to see if the level of pressure felt ok throughout. I’m kind of a massage newbie, but everything felt great and the oils she used smelled amazing. I also loved how she laid hot towels over my back and feet. She was kind and had a calming presence. Their massage table with a cut-out for the belly is very comfortable and allowed me to lie flat face-down for the massage. Toward the end Heidi had me switch positions to lie on my back with a big wedge under my upper body to keep me propped up, since it’s not safe to lie flat on my back after the first trimester.
— Anne C.
Jodi CURED my back pain; I am a fan for life! I’d been under a lot of stress with a new job and a big move and unfortunately, as someone who stores their stress IN their back, a minor muscle pull turned in to a two-week pain-filled ordeal. In desperation I turned to Yelp to find a good masseuse, and thankfully I found Verde Touch and Jodi. Her massage was a deep one, but when I woke up the next morning I woke up with NO pain, and have been fine ever since; no pain meds needed at all—and I was practically living on them during the two weeks before I decided that I needed a massage.
Thank you Yelp for pointing me in the direction of Verde Touch, and thank you Jodi for giving me the best massage of my life. My back and I both thank you for it!
— Tracy F.