Gentle movement. Soothing vibrations. Beautiful sound. Alignment. Harmony.

Journey with Lynn & Devin in monthly explorations of the seven chakras!


March 25th - The Root
April 29th - The Sacral
May 27th - The Solar Plexus
June 24th - The Heart

Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Location: Verde Touch, 745 Distel Dr #109, Los Altos CA 94022

Cost: $25/session


Advanced online sign up each month is required and appreciated.

Space is limited.


About Lynn & Devin


Lynn has been an enthusiastic and evolving yogini for more than two decades. She completed her training through Samyama Yoga Center's Dharma Path Teacher Training Program and is passionate about sharing her knowledge.   Lynn’s strength building flow classes are influenced by her study of Iyengar yoga and informed by her experiences as a student of vinyasa, vinyasa flow and Anusara traditions.  Lynn’s slower, more gentle classes guide students to actively use their breath and quiet their mind to invite grounding and opening in yoga poses.  Grounded in Patanjali’s eight limbs, each of Lynn’s classes has at its foundation a specific theme that inspires students to forge deeper connections to the yoga tradition.  She balances creative and vibrant sequencing with attention to safety.  Lynn exudes positive energy and teaches with integrity, compassion and authenticity.  Lynn enjoys partnering with other yoga instructors and therapists to bring students synergistically inspired healing.

Devin is a sound therapist, among many of the other musical and creative talents he expresses. He combines breath work, sounding, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, acutonics and a gong bath, when available, to guide you towards increased inner awareness, physical and emotional release, movement of energy, nitric oxide production, and sublime relaxation.  Like yoga, lines of connection will be made as your natural healing ability is triggered and the mind-body merges with harmonic vibration.  You can utilize the experience of each unique sound therapy session to tap into the creative power of your subconscious and harness its limitless potential.